The Sidney Prizes Are a Great Way for Students to Make a Difference

There are many ways for students to make a difference in their community. Some choose to volunteer for a cause they believe in, while others may write articles or blog posts. Still others may work to help improve the quality of education. Regardless of which method they use, a sidney prize is a great way to recognize their efforts. The awards also serve as inspiration for other students to continue their good works. The prizes are usually given out each month, and students should nominate their work before the deadline.

This award is given to the student who has created an application or piece of software that could have a significant impact on society, environment and/or culture. The winner will receive a prize of up to $500. To apply, students must submit a CV and an endorsement from a Faculty of Science academic or professional staff member. The deadline for submission is the end of the semester.

Established by the Walter Reid Memorial Fund, this prize honours Walter Edward Steward Reid (MA, 1922), an authority on central European history and a scholar in French and German. The prize provides a stipend allowance equivalent to the University of Sydney Research Training Program stipend rate per annum for up to six months. To be eligible for the award, students must be enrolled full time in a Masters degree at the University of Sydney and have an appropriate supervisor.

The Neilma Sidney Prize is administered jointly by the acclaimed travel magazine Overland and the Malcolm Robertson Foundation. It is designed to promote travel writing that goes beyond simply describing the landscape and scenery of places visited. The judges are looking for stories that take the reader on a journey and explore broader issues, such as culture and social change.

Each year, the New York Times columnist David Brooks announces the Sidney awards. These highlight some of the best long-form journalism of the year. For example, last year the prize went to Helen Andrews’ “Shame Storm” in First Things for her amazing account of online viciousness. This is an important prize because it promotes the value of long-form journalism in a time when everything seems to be getting shorter.

The Sydney Peace Prize is awarded to an individual or organisation that demonstrates commitment to peace with justice and respect for diversity. This year, the prize was awarded to Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garza and Opal Tometi for their work in founding the Black Lives Matter movement following George Zimmerman’s acquittal on murder charges of Trayvon Martin. The prize includes a $2000 cash award and a plaque. The Sydney Peace Foundation aims to promote the work of nominees who promote “peace with justice, human dignity and nonviolence”. It is funded by donations from the City of Sydney.