How to Find the RTP of a Slot

RTP stands for Return To Player and refers to the amount a slot pays back to players over a large number of spins, usually expressed as a percentage. It’s important to note that this is a theoretical number and actual results may differ from what’s advertised. Nevertheless, knowing the average payout percentage of a slot machine can help you manage your bankroll and play responsibly.

In order to calculate the RTP of a slot, game providers first determine the payouts for each combination of symbols and then weigh these against the probability of each winning combination occurring. This information is then used to create a mathematical model that shows how much the slot is expected to pay out over an infinite number of spins. This model is then tested with thousands of simulations to collect data on the average payouts.

Ultimately, higher RTP slots pay out more to players over the long term than lower RTP slots, but this won’t necessarily be evident in shorter sessions. This is because a single outing doesn’t provide enough of a sample size to judge how a slot will perform. Furthermore, volatility means that a high RTP slot can pay out a lot one session and nothing the next.

It’s also worth mentioning that different online casinos will have different RTP rates for their slot games. This is because they will have different policies and strategies. However, reputable operators will still continue to offer punters a selection of titles that provide a favorable RTP.

You’ll find plenty of high RTP slots at 888 Casino, including Mega Joker, a NetEnt classic with three reels and fruity symbols. This game has a high RTP of 98% and can be played with a minimum of 10 coins per spin. In addition to its high payouts, this game has a bonus feature that allows players to multiply their winnings by completing combinations of symbols in a row.

Another high RTP slot is Blood Suckers, a NetEnt gothic-themed title featuring stakes, coffins, and buckets of blood. This low-volatility slot has 25 paylines and includes wilds, scatters, free spins multipliers with bonus games, and a maximum payout of 1,015x.

In brick-and-mortar casinos, finding the RTP for a slot game can be difficult. This is because casino operators typically order their slot machines from different game developers with varying RTPs. For example, Monopoly Party Train has three different RTP options: 92.5%, 93.5%, and 94.5%. Caesars Palace orders the 93.5% version, while Treasure Island opts for the 94.5% option.

You can also check out state gaming reports to learn more about the average RTP of slot machines within a specific state. However, this method is not foolproof as it will only tell you the average RTP for all coin denominations in a given venue. You’ll need to visit multiple venues in order to get an accurate picture of how a slot machine pays out. Nonetheless, it’s an excellent starting point.